An Introduction to the Bible
by Robert Kugler & Patrick Hartin
$50.00 Hardcover
563 pages; 8" x 10"
Over 100 photos & maps
ISBN 978-0-8028-4636-5
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A user-friendly guide to understanding the Bible more fully

Many current Bible "intro" volumes focus more on theories about the biblical text than on the text itself. They lack the simplicity that has become increasingly crucial as basic biblical literacy has declined. Robert Kugler and Patrick Hartin seek to remedy that problem by turning readers back to the text at hand. Their Introduction to the Bible surveys the content of all the biblical books, section by section, focusing on the Bible's theological themes.

Rather than introducing students to the Bible merely as history, literature, a record of political or ideological history, or a testimony to societies living or dead, the authors stress that the Bible must first and foremost be read as the text presents itself, as a theological witness to the nature of God and of humanity in relationship with God. In this way they help the reader achieve a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich diversity of the biblical narrative.

Each chapter includes the following:
  • Getting Started — questions and suggestions to prepare for what follows
  • A Walk through the Book — section-by-section survey of the biblical text
  • Critical Issues in Studying the Book
  • Theological Themes in the Book — theological implications and claims
  • Questions for Review and Discussion
  • Further Reading
  • Sidebars, charts, lists, sample texts, etc.

Perfect for undergraduate students, church study groups, and interested laypeople, Kugler and Hartin's Introduction to the Bible ably delivers on its title.

Robert Kugler is Paul S. Wright Professor of Christian Studies at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon

Patrick Hartin is Professor of Religious Studies at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington.